Internal link question

I want to create a link on a page to a heading on another page.
I don't understand how to define the link.
The information at aren't helping.

The docs also say
"Plone automatically creates Anchors for headings and subheadings"
which I'm not seeing.


OK, I think I've figured out how to choose a page for
destination, still don't see how to link to a headline in a page ...

  1. In Control-Panel -> TinyMCE Settings enable anchor plugin.
  2. Go to a page end edit it. Then in the text editor mark a word and click the "Insert/edit link" icon.
  3. In the modal there is now a new "Anchor" tab in the navigation. You can select all headings in the page as anchors there.

Got it.
Is there a way to link to a heading in another page?

Not that I know of. But once an internal anchor is referenced, there is the anchor in the page. As a workaround you could copy the link and use it as an external link. It is not perfect, like you do not get link-integrity checks and if you rename pages or folder the link wont get updated.

OK, linking to the same page is looking like a better approach, good to have a workaround.

Slightly off topic, but if you enable 'Table of Contents' on a page, you will also 'get anchors' (you find it in the 'Settings tab' when editing a page).

Like this (click on the links at top to 'get the url': Chapter 1: Maritime English; Why, where, what? — K16 Textbook Maritime English. Engine Officer

It would be possible to 'hide the Table of Contents' , just to have the anchors automatically generated. (I assume the best way would be with CSS, place it 'off screen' (or maybe it can event be hidden with display: none; )

UPDATE: IMPORTANT: If you keep changing the content, this might not be a good idea, since the anchors have IDs (starting from 1), and adding a new heading will result in linking to the wrong anchor.

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