Interested GSOC student '23

:wave: Hello everyone, I am Tisha. Computer science engineering student and I have some experience of working in the react framework through my previous internships :atom_symbol:

I wish to contribute to the Plone community under GSoC and continue after.Open source is an exciting community and my motivation lies in exploring different codebases/stacks and writing more readable ,structured which also promise performance optimizations.

Till now have cloned the training and volto project and going through the conferences of Plone on Youtube .

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Hi @Tishasoumya-02 . :wave: I am also in the same shoes just like you. It is my first time at GSOC and I have experience in React from my past internships. Would love to connect with you. Here is my LinkedIn.

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Trying to customize the logo from the customizations folder but hot reloading always stops with this error. I want to clarify if the path of the logo I am importing is right or not.

Cannot find module '@plone/volto/customizations/components/theme/Logo/Logo.svg'

  24 | /* harmony import */ var _plone_volto_registry__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_4__ = __webpack_require__(/*! @plone/volto/registry */ "./node_modules/@plone/volto/src/registry.js");

  25 | /* harmony import */ var _plone_volto_components__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_5__ = __webpack_require__(/*! @plone/volto/components */ "./node_modules/@plone/volto/src/components/index.js");

> 26 | !(function webpackMissingModule() { var e = new Error("Cannot find module '@plone/volto/customizations/components/theme/Logo/Logo.svg'"); e.code = 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND'; throw e; }());

  27 | var _jsxFileName = "/home/tisha/Desktop/frontend/src/customizations/components/theme/Logo/Logo.jsx";

  28 |

  29 | var __jsx = react__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0___default.a.createElement;

src/customizations/ is the folder in your app where you create files for overriding existing Volto components.
Have a look at "shadowing" 12. Customizing Volto Components – Mastering Plone 6 Development β€” Plone Training 2023 documentation.

Do you have an import statement importing from '@plone/volto/customizations/components/theme/Logo/Logo.svg'? For shadowing, no import statement is needed.

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Okay got it ,I was using import statement I think thats why the error. Thank you.

Hi everyone,

My name is Akshat, and I am delighted to join this community as a MERN stack developer. With 2.5 years of experience in this field, I have developed proficiency in technologies like ReactJS, NodeJS, TypeScript, and databases like MongoDB.

I am excited to contribute to the GSOC 2023 program and be part of this vibrant community of developers. My skills in MERN stack development, coupled with my passion for programming, make me confident that I can add value to ongoing and future projects.

I am eager to learn and grow alongside this community and leverage my skills to build innovative solutions. I look forward to connecting with other developers, exchanging ideas, and contributing to the success of the GSOC 2023 program.

Thank you for your time, and I am thrilled to be part of this community!

Not able to add folder ,any one else facing the same issue or there is some other way to add these.
All the content types even the new content types created are showing except collection and folders.

Hi Tisha,
The "Folder" and "Collection" content types don't normally exist when using the Volto frontend (default in Plone6). Pages are now 'folderish' which means they act as a page as well as being able to hold content. Collections have been replaced by the listing block and should offer all the same functionality.

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Okay Thank you @JeffersonBledsoe for the clarification. :smile:

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I had one other doubt, when trying to create a nested content type I am not able to access it since breadcrumbs are not available for those ,I am able to access it only through the link or mention it in the listings of a page

Is this only the way to access the nested content types?

You can check the folder contents or its children by visiting /contents in any content page. For eg:

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