Integration of Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar?

Are there any decent integrations of either Google calendar or Office 365 calendar with Plone. Not looking for a tight integration with Plone events. It should be possible to maintain event either Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar. Inside Plone we just want to fetch the event data and display them in a list or so.


Try this placed inside the event_view page template (customise it in the ZMI) after the vCal and iCal links:

<a href="#"
tal:attributes="href python:''
+'&details='+here.getRawDescription()+'<br />'+here.getRawText()
title="Add this event to Google Calendar"
style="background-image: none; padding: 0px;"
<img src="" alt="Add to Google Calendar" width="50" height="13"  />

Arjun Dixit

We decided to go with Office 365 since the customer is already on Office 365.

Here is a small Python prototype for accessing Office 365 from Python. It uses oAuth2

Thinks to be figured out: lifetime of the oAuth token is currently one hour. The Graph API however provides different types or token and configurable lifetimes for token.


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Seriously, read (and analyze) the code yourself. It is only one small Python file and in particular: the code is completely documented and has a README. So what do you want this your unprofessional reply?