Installing Plone

Hi, I found out about Plone from a job ad, and need to try to install it for my portfolio, I see it's a CMS, Content Management System or Community Management System? anyway, I was about to download then I saw different installers, I don't know which one, I have this plan EXCEPT SSH(I do not have SSH)

I pretty much see the same fate as Flarium and Discourse where it's too complex to install, wait I can do complex but I am blocked again by SSH requirement.

If you start using Plone in a professional context then best is you start reading to find out what Plone is and get your questions answered. If something is not covered do not hesitate to come back and ask.

Also start going through to learn how to use and work with Plone. It is probably also a good idea to attend a training, i.e. at the next Plone conference

If you anyway run into trouble or questions are not answered just come back here with more specific questions.

And yes, indeed, Plone has the requirement to ssh into the box. See

I mean, are the installers talking about what is my operating system is or if my host is linux or windows?

e.g. I have Windows OS and I think a Linux host

I also tried many times to install Plone locally but was unsuccessful every time. However, I can give you step-by-step instructions to install Plnoe on a $5/m plan on Digitalocean if you're up for that. It's a very cheap way for you to get some seat time with the CMS.

You can't use/install Plone on share hosting, so it should be VPS or Cloud if we talking about web hosting.
You can check here for hosting.
Here is very comnplete instructions for understanding how Plone works with hostng.
If we talk about localhost, then you can use Apache server or Xampp or Wamp.

You can install Plone for free very easily using this button

Is there already an Heroku installer for the latest beta of Plone 5.1?


Not to my knowledge, but if you look at the HTML for that button, it uses and so it specifies here which version of Plone to use: (5.0.6, which means that we should update it to 5.0.7 which has just been released!)

You could clone that repo and modify your cloned buildout.cfg to make it do anything :slight_smile:

Great! thanks for the heads up!

I don't know any of those. Also, I have SSH now.

Have you made it work? can you please share?