Installing an adds-on

Hi, I would like to install an adds-on to make a simple form on my website so that users can submit feedback. Example of such adds-on is easy form:

But the installation looks complicated...

  1. Can anyone guide me through the steps to install a simple adds-on?
  2. Which privilege I should have, Plone 5 admin is enough or do I need to access to the server as root?

Thank you very much

Installing an add-on consists of various steps -- depending on the add-on.

In all cases, you must make the code available. For this, you must be able to access the (server's) file system and edit buildout.cfg. Usually, you would add your add-on to the eggs definition there, potentially also to the zcml definition. Then you would run bin/buildout (which will make the modifications effective and provide the add-on code).

An add-on may require preinstalled OS level libraries (and potentially headers). In those cases, you might need "root" access to install those libraries. It is unlikely,, however, that this is the case for collective.easyform.

Some add-ons require configuration in the Plone portal. It those cases, you will need to "install" the add-on in the portal (this step effectively provides that configuration).

The installation instructions should tell you which steps are necessary for
a specific add-on.

In case you did not stumble across this, the Documentation contains a general instruction at