Installed an addon. Or didn't I?


I'm new to Plone, just evaluating for a project.

I have installed v5.2 on Windows WSL and followed the addon installation tutorial without a problem (installing collective.easyform).

When I tried to install another one ( nothing happened, meaning that I didn't see the buildout pulling any files like it did with easyform. Also, in the administration of Plone, the addon was not installed (restarted Plone of course).

What am I missing?



The package is already part of the default Plone installation, and not visible on the Control Panel.


Hello ericof,

Thanks! I was trying to find what other views are available for Plone. My goal is to have a view where someone can read the content of a page and immediately under to see a carousel of downloadable files. Any directions welcome!

Seems to me that is a very specific requirement which you would solve in your own custom Diazo theme package. As a comparison: PNZ: Manufaktur, Downloads — Deutsch - not a carousel, but that would be a relatively simple modification (we use that in the dropdown menu): the grid consists of an album_view of a collection.

and in plain vanilla Barceloneta it would look like this:

I see that in this example you bring the data from a collection. I am looking to create a view of a page with its child folder of downloads if any. I get your point and somehow you have categories of files too (which is what I want to do too). Did you develop this? Was it hard?

Start with the album_view of a folder which contains images. The custom part in our implementation is that for pdf documents and such, the file content type generates a thumbnail when the content is added.

Is it hard to build? The answer depends on how familiar you are with creating your own packages, custom content types and views. Have a look at the training documentation. Most probably you'd want to follow the training once from the beginning, the juicy parts are here:
Plone 5 20. Dexterity I: Content types – Mastering Plone 6 Development — Plone Training 2022 documentation (Ignore anything about Archetypes, it is a legacy method for creating content types which is no longer part of Plone)
Plone 6 (Volto) 15. Dexterity I: "Through The Web" – Mastering Plone 5 Development — Plone Training 2022 documentation

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