Installation documentation: which cookiecutter?

There are two different cookiecutters mentioned in the plone/documentation source files for Plone 6. There is a third cookiecutter also under development. Which one is the cookiecutter to use?

I am revising the installation documentation, and this is holding me up.

These are kind of similar

  • plone-kickstarter addresses backend only and is more advanced for backend,
  • cookiecutter-plone-starter addresses both, frontend and backend but does not cover many use cases.


  • cookiecutter-zope-instance is different and covers only creating the Zope configuration files (similar to what plone.recipe.zope2instance used to do) in all its different flavors.

While latter is save to use and should be used to create the configuration of a Zope instance, first two are not set in stone yet. Probably there will be a merge or a better way to achieve its goal. The story is not thought to the end here.