Install redirect on a Zope server

We are operating an older Zope/ZMS system and we intend to install a redirect from our website to another. We have an Excel list with all URLs to be redirected. However, I am not familiar with this task. Is there someone who could help us installing the Excel-list on the server?

If I had to do it, I would perform the redirect in the web server (usually, you have a web server in front of Zope).

If you want to do it in Zope, you could use a (Products.SiteAccess) "access rule", a "before traverse" hook (see ZPublisher.BeforeTraverse) or a BeforeTraverse subscriber (see Products.CMFCore.PortalObject.__before_publshing_traverse__).

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Thank you, Dieter!
Yes, we have a web server (as far as I know). However, I am not familiar with it, I am not a programmer. I am looking for someone who could install it for us. Maybe with detailed description of what to do exactly, I may try it, but I am skeptical I could do so. I tried to find a programmer, but nobody seems to know the system anymore.

If you go the web server route, it likely involves configuration (not programming).

I have done something similar in the past with the Apache web server: it supports that rewrite rules can be defined based on the content of external files (among others).

Thank you, that's very kind and helpful of you! However, I never went to the webserver. I suppose you mean via ssh access, right? I have ssh, but never used and don't know how it works. Otherwise, we have only Plsek access, but there is no such option.

In whatever way you can modify the web server configuration (I have used SSH).

Thank you!
But I never used ssh. I am not familiar with it, and I wouldn't know what to do there. While I would prefer that someone who knows about these things would do, I would probably try to do it on myself If I would have an exact description of where I need to go and what exactly I need to do there, like for a layman.

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