Install MySQL Product for Zope4

I have to migrate a site from Zope2 to Zope4, but a lot of products installed in Zope2 are not there in zope4. Thus, ZSQLMethods, SESSION, TemporyFolder, ZMySQLDA cause problems.
How do we install the missing products and their dependencies WITHOUT BREAKING THE ZOPE4 INSTALLATION.
Thanks for your help

Long story short: if you are using an add-on that has not been ported to Zope 4 and Python 3, you have to port it yourself.

That depends on how you installed Zope 4.

If you installed it via buildout, you have to add the products there, if you installed it via pip, you need to install the products via pip.

Good news, Products.ZSQLMethods, Products.ZMySQLDA, Products.TemporaryFolder got ported to Python 3 and they all work.

I am not sure about SESSION though. Maybe it is a part of Products.TemporaryFolder?

Maybe you can find some more information via

Ok, but I tried to install ZmySQLDA via pip, and this one broke my Zope install. However, it is well noted that ZMySQLDA is Zope4 compatible! I don't understand how to do it.

So, Zope 4 runs on both Python 2 and Python 3.

Which Python version do you currently use?

It certainly also would help to have a traceback or so when you say "it broke my Zope installation".

Then please tell us how it broke and what the particular problem is in terms of error messages.

I am using Python3. I want to fully migrate to Zope4 and Python3.
I collect all the information and error messages and get back to you.
Thank you

Please also read

I noticed problems (with so called "namespace packages" -- the Products.* belong to those) when I mixed pip installation and buildout installations. In the concrete case, I had Zope installed via buildout and tries to install a single (namespace) package via pip. After that, Zope no longer found other packages in the corresponding namespace. Thus, stick to the installation approach originally chosen.