Install Dexterity for plonetheme.business_casual via Ansible playbook

I wanted to install the business casual theme on a server that was built via the Plone Ansible playbook. The upload went fine, but preview yielded this error:

To resolve the issue, I installed Dexterity. In roles/plone.plone_server/templates/buildout.cfg.j2 add [grok] as shown:

eggs =
{% if instance_config.plone_version >= '5.0' %}
{% if instance_config.plone_version | version_compare('5.0.6', '<=') %}
{% endif %}
{% if instance_config.plone_version | version_compare('5.0.5', '<=') %}
{% endif %} [grok]
{% endif %}

Then run the playbook again. All is well.

Leaving this here for someone else who might stumble across it. I could file an issue somewhere, too, just not sure where.

You could also add it to the plone_additional_eggs variable, according to the docs.

Ah, that's cleaner. Thanks.