Inheriting from Barceloneta not showing like Barceloneta

I have created a theme that inherits from Barceloneta, following exactly the instructions in Create A New Theme That Inherits From Barceloneta under

The inherited theme does not look exactly like the Barceloneta theme; it lacks the left and right margins and the hero.

What do I miss?

Following images compare the original Barceloneta (1) theme and the inherited one (2):

Barceloneta theme:

Inherited theme:

My solution to this problem is to move 'footer_portlets' and 'footer_portlets_count' variables in Barceloneta rules.xml.

You can see the modification here : Move 'footer_portlets' and 'footer_portlets_count' variables by sverbois · Pull Request #239 · plone/plonetheme.barceloneta · GitHub

I don't know why this change is not included in Barceloneta.

Checks are not passing:

  • like Changelog verifier** — No entry found! -> you need to add an changelog entry.
  • tests were red, I triggered Jenkins - lets see what happens.

I - and most other core contributors - do not merge anything if the basic automatic quality tests are not passing. And sorry, if there's something obvious like missing changelog, I usually even do not comment until this was fixed. It is self explaining.

@jensens Thank you for the clarification.