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I'm Shriyansh Agrawal an undergrad from IIIT Hyderabad, India and a GSoC aspirant interested in working on Project idea "Content Import & Export". I have followed the above-mentioned steps to setup the code base locally and to get familiar with the organisation.
It would be great if someone could guide me on the Project and throw some light on it.
Also, I have a general question to ask,[quote="cewing, post:1, topic:3568"]
Introduce yourself to our community here in this forum (not in chat)

@cewing has mentioned we can only interact on this forum and not on chat?? Is it necessary??

Hi @Shriyanshagro , We are glad to see you here at plone foundation. Hope you have a fruitful time here. Fell free to ask questions.

Hi everyone,
I am Mohammad Shahebaz, an undergraduate at JNTUH University, India. I love making things swift, classy and beautiful which made me a front end developer. Recently I have also been exploring back-end mainly (MEN from MEAN stack). My past experiences include coding the front-end at and, and Plone being CMS has already started feeling an another home to me. Looking forward to the GSoC '17. And excited to learn, code and cult Plone.

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Thanks much :slight_smile: Please head me over to the plone github repo and starter issues to begin with.

@shivamluthra scroll to the top of this forum thread to see how to get started.

Hi. I'm Apoorv Shrivastav, a sophomore at Thapar University, India. I'm really looking forward to contributing to Plone. I've already started working on the steps mentioned above and the project "Plone as a progressive web app"really appeals to me, given my skillset in making such apps.

@Shriyanshagro: it is not required that we interact only here, but there are more of us here than in chat, and you are more likely to get a response more quickly.

Welcome to the Plone community, @neutrostar! We are glad you're here. Please let us know if you have any questions as you move forward on preparing for GSoC. We look forward to seeing your application starting March 20!

Hi @shaz13 , welcome to plone community and thanks for showing your interest for Plone Foundation. Hope you have a fruitful experience here. Feel free to shoot questions.

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Actually I wanted to know what all details i need to fill in the plone agreement form (for eg: what do I have to fill up in 'Program' blank space) and do I have to take a print out of agreement, fill it manually and then scan and mail it back or can I edit the pdf and mail back ?

According to there's no stipulation of how you sign it as long as we receive the form with your signature on it.

Ohh okay sir. That I have already taken care of. Thanks ! One more question .. Is emailing enough or sending the physical copy is also mandatory for starting contribution ? (as mentioned itself in agreement instructions)

Let me check and get back to you

OK we confirm that emailing the scanned/signed form is sufficient; no need to mail the physical copy. I will update the page

Yeah that would be a good idea as it may not be possible for everyone to send a physical copy too and moreover, I have emailed mine too now. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, my name is Chau Tung Lam Nguyen. I am a sophomore in SUNY Plattsburgh, NY, currently majoring in Computer Science. After reading the Plone ideas for the GSoC 2017, I am interested in joining in Plone projects. I will learn more about Plone through the documentation and start contributing as soon as possible.

Welcome to the Plone community, @nctl144! We are glad you've chosen to look at us for your GSoC experience. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions here in this forum as you work forward with your proposal. We look forward to helping you and to seeing your draft proposal starting March 20.


Thank you so much for your response. Can you send me the link to the Plone GSoC chat room since I could not find it..

@nctl144, we prefer to keep conversations here in our forum for the time being. If you do want to participate in Plone chat, we are #plone in on IRC. Remember, though, that that channel is not specific to GSoC. It's our general chat channel. GSoC questions are best handled here.


I am Igor Kholopov, a third year student at MIPT, Moscow, Russia. I am really interested in "Improve AMP Support in Plone" Project idea. I followed your guide and started to get familiar with Plone project. (Love it so far :slight_smile: ) I have quite good experience in Python and have a consistent knowledge of backend development (ASP.NET, Django) as well as HTML and JS basics, hope these skills will be sufficient to participate in this project.
Looking forward to applying to Plone in GSoC!

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