Improve drag & drop support in the blocks engine

Hello Plone Community,

I am Siddhaant Pahuja, a Computer Science undergrad in my second year. I’m interested in the project “Improve drag & drop support in the blocks engine” and have started working on it. Following is a brief about my background & progress so far.

Brief about me:
I have a sound background in Algorithms/Data-structures, Maths (qualified for ACM-ICPC regionals in high school). I have strong fundamentals in systems topics like Computer Networks, Operating Systems, etc as well.
I also have past internship experiences in front-end web development working across different tech stacks. I’m also well-equipped with UI/UX design principles.

My progress so far:
I have understood the working and implementation of different hooks in dnd-kit/core as well as dnd-kit/sortable.
My attempt so far - GitHub - serious22/react-dnd-kit: Learning and the dnd-kit library of react to make things draggable and droppable on the website
I have been looking into the React and Volto training as well.
At the moment, I’m working on getting comfortable with the code flow of the source.
Next Step(s)
I will start working on the sorting feature for the elements dragged in the block containers, as soon as I have gained a decent understanding.

Please let me know if there’s any other issue that should be prioritized over the ‘sorting feature’, I’d be happy to work on that instead. Any other guidance is most welcome

Thanks & Regards,
Siddhaant Pahuja