Import iCal to Plone 5

Is there any easy way to import a iCal file containing some events into Plone, so that they appear in the Plone calendar?

I really apreciate some help, ideas, tips on how to import a iCal file into Plone 5 events???

Likely undocumented, and I do not have experience with this, but reading the source yields reasonable clues that support is there:

Unfortunately undocumented and unfortunately a bit broken. This is how it works:

  • Create a folder where you want the events to be imported
  • In the toolbar, click on actions > enable ical import
    You will get an error message "This page does not seem to exist…"
  • Remove the "/enable" part of the URL, so that you're viewing "@@ical_import_settings"
  • Fill the form and click "Save and Import". Should be self-explanatory.

You can also use a remote url and use wget (with authentication) to regulary synchronize with a remote ical file. Poors-man calendar server :slightly_smiling:
@jone created one an experimental CalDAV implementation for I don't know about the status yet, but it would definitely be interesting to further develop this:

Well, for me it worked ok, no problems, no errors, no "This page does not seem to exist…" :slightly_smiling:
(Plone 5.0.2, 2.0.6)
Thank you very much!

I have followed the steps as mentioned by @thet but it didnt success. Got an error as below

Traceback (innermost last):
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 138, in publish
Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 77, in mapply
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 48, in call_object
Module plone.z3cform.layout, line 66, in call
Module plone.z3cform.layout, line 50, in update
Module z3c.form.form, line 228, in update
Module, line 21, in execute
Module z3c.form.action, line 98, in execute
Module z3c.form.button, line 315, in call
Module z3c.form.button, line 170, in call
Module, line 348, in handleSaveImport
Module, line 37, in ical_import
Module, line 330, in from_ical
Module icalendar.parser, line 352, in parts
ValueError: Content line could not be parsed into parts: '':

The icalendar parser does not like your ical file, that much is obvious.
Either share your ical file here if it's not confidential, or test it offline yourself using python.
Taking a look at it could be enlightening by itself (maybe it has been turned into a html file ? icalendar expects a plain text file)

I am not able to attach the iCal file here, looks like it allows only image file extensions.

an Ical file is a text file, there should not be any problem just pasting the content here. This is a sample found on Wikipedia:

PRODID:-//hacksw/handcal//NONSGML v1.0//EN
SUMMARY:Bastille Day Party