Implementing custom JS into Plone based Project

Hi, I am looking for someone to guide me over the development of Plone for a firm based project. I have to put up some promo code generator into a section which requires JS custom code.

I was wondering if I could get some initial help or resources. Thanks.


Please explain what you are exactly trying to do? Do you need to include custom JS into an existing Plone project or are you starting from scratch? Do you need the JS code system-wide or on some certain page or template?

Yes, thanks for reaching out. I need to include custom JS into an existing project. I am not doing anything from scratch.

Look at this thread and in particular to my answer

So, there are some websites that pop up when you Google "promo codes". They pose as a genuine website but they are mostly skeptical because of the generators they have.

I wish to use to same generator but on a totally different project altogether.