Images inserted to RichText field of Dexterity object is not published


I have created a new Dexterity object with a RichText field. Then I put some text containing images with TinyMCE into the field. But when I read it as anonymous, it says:

User Name (User Id) Anonymous User ()
Request URL http://localhost/10-3260-entecho-2017-11.003/fig_2.jpg/@@images/217db880-c207-4796-93cc-a8e4591612d9.jpeg/index_html
Exception Type Unauthorized
Exception Value You are not allowed to access 'image' in this context

What can I do to fix it? Images conteined are published and the object as well. Plone 5.0.8.

The image URL looks weird. The image URL should not end with /index_html ...this makes no sense...and I have never seen this.the error based on the incorrect URL is correct. How to reproduce this? How did you add the images? I could not reproduce this on

Let me to describe the issue in details.

When I look at the source code in TinyMCE while editing the page, it looks like:

<img class="image-inline" src="../../../resolveuid/db68ce61b5e94d5fa6b6e291da7d4839/@@images/image/large" alt="" data-linktype="image" data-val="db68ce61b5e94d5fa6b6e291da7d4839" />

When I save it and look at the source code, it looks like (it has changed):

<img src="https://localhost/10-3260-entecho-2017-11.003/fig_1.png/@@images/0fb9086b-8aac-42f4-bdc7-59bd889540ab.png" data-linktype="image" title="figure_1.png" data-val="db68ce61b5e94d5fa6b6e291da7d4839" alt="figure_1.png" class="image-inline">

When I am loggin in, the image is visible, when I looked at it as anonymous, it returns the error mentioned earlier (Exception Value You are not allowed to access ‘image’ in this context).

The dexterity type is made via visual tool @@dexterity-types, the text field with images as "From the IRichText behavior: text – Rich text".

Solved. Images had set their workflow incorrectly, so they were not set as "published".