Image scales in Plone 5

I'm trying to learn a bit with image scales in Plone 5.0.2
is a little confusing...

Image scales

Archetypes based content image scales is handled by plone.namedfile.

Dexterity based content image scales are handled by plone.namedfile.

Archetypes based content image scales is handled by

Both packages offer the same traverseable @@images view which can be used from page templates and Python code to provide different image scales for image fields on content.

Isn't Plone enough confusing? :slightly_smiling:
Well if I understand well,
is for AT content types, with DX types the best (and only??) way is:
is that right, or am I missing something?

(and if this is the correct way to scale images in templates, better add that to the docs)

You're right.

@@images/image/preview should also work for archetypes though as well.

it is worth noticing that image in the url is the name of the image field, so let's say you have two image fields, it could be like:

For the original scale it will be:

Thanks, very usefull!
(and I think that should be in the docs)

You mean here?

That is a good idea!