IIS Proxy in Windows 10

Trying to server Plone site via HTTPS and have run into a snag early on...

I have Plone up and running on http://localhost:8080/Plone and the OOB site looks fine.

I have tried to set up IIS as proxy and URL rewriter to redirect traffic to plone so I can implement with HTTPS from clients. I have done this with Ubuntu installation, but IIS is not working quite right.

I get the site, but the theme is not applied. When I go to http://localhost (trying HTTP first, and then will move on to HTTPS) The site looks like this:

Does anyone know what I might be missing that would redirect to the content but fail to include the css?

I don't know anything about IIS, but it would help if you can post your configuration :wink:

In Application Request Routing Proxy Settings:
Enabled Proxy
HTTP Pass through

Inbound Rule:
Requested URL - Matches the Pattern
Using: Regular Expressions
Pattern: ^(.*)
ActionType: Rewrite
ReWrite URL: http://localhost:8080/VirtualHostBase/http/localhost:80/Plone/VirtualHostRoot/{R:1}