IDeal Payment and

I dont know the 'IDeal' (dutch?) payment system. Does anyone know if it is difficult to get it to work to work with

Maybe take a look at this payment integration to get a clue how to implement it:

wallee is in testing still... but similar and based on GitHub - bluedynamics/bda.plone.stripe: Stripe payment integration for


I haven't worked with 'shops' for 3 years, so I dont remember too much, but I assume it would be a bit of work to the IDeal payment 'up and running' (?)
I would be a 'sub-contractor' for this job, so I might 'leave it to someone else' (if anyone is interested I would pass it on)

The shop side is not a big deal...
The big deal is always the provided api and foremost docs... of payment service

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I googled Stripe, and it says it supports IDeal ( ), so maybe that is an option ?

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