I want to create a forum

I need to create a forum but I do not know how to do it, I saw an old post and I did that tutorial , and I need more information sorry for my bad english, if you could reply me a link for a tutorial will be a great help. :slight_smile:

Use a decent solution like the one used for community.plone.org but not something based on Plone - even if there is something.

Users expect a decent user experience..nothing that you can accomplish with Plone.



You can have a look at Products.Ploneboard or collective.ploneboard. Both are simple solutions supporting only the basic forum functionalities: creating forums, creating discussions in a forum and participating in those discussions by creating replies to messages.

Products.Ploneboard is based on Archetypes, the main content framework up to Plone version 4 (from Plone version 5 on, its main content framework is dexterity). It is likely not yet adapted for Plone 5. collective.ploneboard is a partial reimplementation of Products.Ploneboard on top of dexterity; it may be a better fit for Plone 5.

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the problem is that is for a homework , my teacher especifie that is a requirement use plone

Neither Ploneboard nor collective.ploneboard work with Plone 5.

There is no decent discussion board that works out of the box with Plone 5. Point.

Check this thread for a poor replacement:

Tell you teacher: there is nothing.


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thank you so much

Aw shucks, thanks Andreas :wink: