I want the ability to create vocabularies TTW

In creating CTs in Dex I realized that many of my forms I needed a closed vocabulary for a selection widget.

I found some information on creating vocabularies: http://docs.plone.org/external/plone.app.dexterity/docs/advanced/vocabularies.html Seemed deeper than I wanted, or could, go.

but I though there could be a simple "product" that might look like a conflglet in site setup (thus automatically limiting who can add vocabs ).

In my non-programmer mind, I simply see a widget that allows you to name a vocabulary, enter the values, and create it. This widget would also show you the vocabularies you have already created and offer you the ability to modify each.

On the entry form where the vocab is used, I could see possibility of having an 'other' in pulldown list and a box for users to enter something not on the list (assuming you wanted this, kinda defeats the closed list entry). these new entries could be dynamically added to list. Again, don't know if I would want this

this vocab would now be usable any place you can now choose a vocabulary.

Since I need this, unless there is an easier way, I will hire a programmer to get this done and open-source it.

However, I'd appreciate any comments before I begin to same me possible dead ends. Thanks

did you google this before asking? There are like 10 of these. They may not be compatible with plone 5.

I've tried at least a dozen products that worked in P4 that don't work in P5. For example, several content rules, and collective.z3cform.norobots .

In my experience, any P4 product that has a form does not work in P5. So, on something as simple ( I hope) as this, I would start from scratch. I would then be able to give it to the community.

There is a big gap in products for P4 vs. P5. I'm trying to close the gap little at a time. For example, I have hired two programmer to work on the 'mail to group' content rule as I think this is a big gap. when completed, I will of course notify the community.

I am open to any comments on what to consider as I go forward.

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I would have a deeper look at this: https://plone.org/products/collective.vdexvocabulary
to decide if I'd prefer it other this: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Products.ATVocabularyManager/
Then I'd have a look at what I wrote 5 (wow, is it really that long ago?) years ago to edit vdex files online.

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I am investigating using https://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.taxonomy for a client now. I will try to get back here with an update when it is done.

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My advice would be to, where ever possible, spend the extra effort on improving an existing plugin rather than starting again. The plone plugin eco-system is often littered with many plugins that do half the usecases. It creates noise and makes it harder for the next person who comes along to pick.
Also in many cases it is harder than you think, you will finish before you have made it generically useful, so its better if there is already a community around another plugin to help you.
Of course its not always possible to build on whats there.
For example in writing the recent collective.importexport we were careful to evaluate all the existing plugins before we decided to make our own.

Well put. thanks. I looked at the tools mentioned here, and think one can be modified to serve 2 use cases. I will post here

thanks for your thoughts.

thanks for the discussion and suggestions

I have looked at each product mentioned and I installed ATVocabularyManger. Here is what I learned:

  1. my use case is for very easily creating a simple plone vocabulary (e.g. store locations) and seldom more that a dozen elements. Also, for that website only, no intent of sharing (or importing) in a common format (e.g. VDEX). I came about this need when creating Dex forms and need the ability to power a selection widget, but did not want to hard code values in the form.

  2. The vocab created must be available as data in a Dex form widget (other locations, not sure).

  3. I agree with dylan that looking at existing proudcts, modifying if needed,is better than lots of half baked ideas. thanks for that

  4. the VocabManger is very close to what I want, and will propose some chagnes. However, although P5 compatible I didn't see where it works in Dex. Does it??

  5. attached is rough mock up of what I would see. (Not shown would be ability to edit existing vocabs created via this tool)

  6. this one tool would allow admins to manage the very large vocabs you folks use and easily create small vocabs for data sources of that site.

Am I off the mark?

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I forgot to add a link to the online vdexeditor we wrote: https://github.com/starzel/vdexeditor

Very nice comparison of existing add-ons! ( https://github.com/collective/collective.importexport#comparison-to-other-plugins ) We need this for every add-on, but unfortunately the "Plone Packages" effort stalled years ago (i.e. create a site like https://www.djangopackages.com/ for Plone). It may be time to revisit that effort.


Well all we need is a wiki with a page per plugin type.

What about the SKOS format? It is quite popular now.

About collective.taxonomy, we forked it for a customer project : https://github.com/cedricmessiant/collective.taxonomy/
Most of the work done in this fork is about changing the tree editor by a ReactJS application to edit the taxonomy. We should make a pull request but unfortunately the javascripts are not internationalized and tested yet.

You may want to make it a branch of the collective/collective.taxonomy, create a PR from there marked as WIP including a todo-checklist. So others can jump on and help out.


Thanks for the thoughts.
I am still looking into this and will report back if/when I make progress

This should be part of the developer docs on best practices

I hired @vipod to look into AT VocabManager

he said there was a fork in Github that mostly worked in P5 , he just made minor change. I tested and can report it works fine in P5

However, it doesn't work with Dexterity, which limits is usefulness, at least for Site Admins who would build in Dex.

My understanding from vipod is this would be difficult to get it to work in Dex. Any comments or ideas?

Note: anyone interested in where the code is etc, please contact vipod. - I don't have it.


since I am the initial author of ATVM I am interested in getting it to Plone 5. actually it i'd propose to just writer a new package based on vdex and dx. a migration should be straight forward. I sketched the idea multiple times in my head, its - using our current code base, including collective.vdexvocabulary - about two weeks effort if I would do it.

Hi, your product works great in P5 (with exception of Dex). in case you haven't seen it in P5, here is a dev site that has it workng login: admin/admin
(this is a site that my developer put up for me.)
If I understand you right, you only want to deal with vdex and not have the current option of "simple vocab". I've used that option to create several vocabs on the site, just to test. this is exactly what a site admin would need to create a vocab for their dex form. If I understand you right, this ability would be lost. I hope you wouldn't do that.
the only change needed to to have it Dex compatible (that is the vocab is usable with TTW dex CTs. Is this a big challenge? Can I help?