I have too many permissions


it seems I have way too many permissions.
I wanted to find a way to hide the pinned messages, because I see them ALL THE TIME and I know about them already.
Trying to hide them, I unpinned them. I also believe that posting on archived threads is also wrong.

Hi, does clicking the "Activity"-tab help? That way the list is sorted by last modifed items first. Best - Ida

That helps.
But I still can unpin topics and modify archived topics, I think I shouldn't be able to do it. I just found out now that after I unpinned the pycon jp topic and repinned it, that I repinned it wrongly and the discussion was not at the top any more. I didn't mean to hide the call for paper.
My trust level is "elder", seems important.

It looks like we were giving everyone "Elder" level permissions by default, not sure why. I've turned that off and you should be a "basic user" now.

Now archiving makes sense. But I can still unpin threads it seems. Or maybe it is only unpinned to me

Try looking at another thread, one you haven't participated in. I think you've retained some sort of ownership over that thread.

Er, that was me. I'd used the admin "Impersonate user" function to test your permissions and it didn't let go before posting. Not sure how I feel about that...

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Next time I realize that I wrote or said something stupid, I'll just say that esteele impersonated me :wink:

im new to this community but the way you guys are discussion in this looks awesome :wink: