I am a newbie to plone

Hello I am Anantha Balaji :grin:

Hi Anantha - it's always gratifying to see newcomers arrive via the Plone demo video!

As I mentioned in the comments there, please tell us what you're interested in doing with Plone. If you'd like to contribute to Plone, first steps are outlined at plone.org/gsoc (they are directed at university-level students).

thanks a lot for replying. I am working on plone in my company . I am a bit confused with the workflow and components . So any beginner tricks and guidelines will be useful

its tells the registration is not yet open

Which registration?


Welcome to plone.

If you are interested in understanding Plone as an admin or user, I recommend this book:

It is for Plone 4; however, most of the basics carry over.

Hope you have good success with Plone

@AnanthaBalaji ignore the mentions of Google Summer of Code but read the hints and follow links to Plone documentation and training materials

@AnanthaBalaji maybe start more specifically by telling us what you want to learn first about Plone

plone authentication system