Http:// gone?

What is the state of ?
I should download
Any alternative locations?

Peter is down, too.

I have a copy of it.

It's not a definitive solution but I have put it here:

... found a local copy for now


the domain for has been allowed to expire :frowning:

...trying to reach folks about the domain. In the meantime, please post here any workarounds you may have figured out. Thanks.

The tag on GitHub is not usable as it does not contain all of the necessary packages (e. g. BTrees is missing).

I created an issue in the Zope project suggesting to copy older releases to the GitHub pages of this project.

We have reached out to the owner of the domain registration. Will continue to update status here.

The old ip for seems to be (see

The web server on that ip is still responding to so you could add the following to your hosts file: