Htmx and HOTWIRE

Hi all,

I looked this week at Djangocon Europe 2021 (which starts on Wednesday 2nd June) and found that there are more than 2 (ok, 3) talks scheduled about technology in a nutshell, takes template rendering out of the hands of SPA frameworks and back to the server, removing any virtual dom (that Vue, React, Angular would use), but without losing the responsiveness that SPAs boast of.
These technologies are moving back towards the Progressive Enhancement approach (that Plone has had in view a long time back). But I also note that Hotwire also has some budding technology (Turbo Native) oriented to help Native apps.

In case I'm not making sense here, a code fragment from htmx might help make the general approach clear:

<!-- "when a user clicks on this button, issue an ajax request
to /clicked, and replace the entire button with the response" -->
<!-- Load from unpkg -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- have a button POST a click via AJAX -->
<button hx-post="/clicked" hx-swap="outerHTML">
Click Me

This was something I had been reflecting on and I wondered if anyone had taken the chance to try these technologies with Plone?

Some links for further reading:

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