How to use volto-matomo?


Can anyone please guide me on using the volto-matomo , i need to track the visitors to my site,


Step by step (with examples pointing to repository):

  • Add @eeacms/volto-matomo to package.json addons entry (Like this)
  • Add @eeacms/volto-matomo to package.json dependencies entry (Like this)
  • Then set matomoSiteId (Like this) and matomoUrlBase(Like this) in your project's settings.


Is this guide still up to date?
volto-matomo seems to be included in Plone by default. But where do I set the matomoSiteId and the matomoUrlBase? There is no index.js file under frontend/src/config in my installation

I have found the solution. Since Matomo is apparently already included, I only had to define the matomoSiteId and the matomoUrlBase in config.js.