How to use the free Sentry error tracking service with Plone

I just wrote this up:

How to monitor your Plone servers with Sentry
use the free Sentry error tracking service to stay on top of production errors


And a follow up post,

How to add a Sentry user feedback dialog to Plone error pages

customize Plone to use Sentry's user feedback feature includes a feature that pops up a nice looking dialog box to ask the user for more information (their name, email address, and what they were doing or trying to do) when an error occurs in your software. (Read more in the Sentry blog post or in the Sentry user documentation.)

A couple of comments:

  • Yes, you can use path ${:event-log} instead of path ${buildout:var-dir}/${:_buildout_section_name_}/event.log (but note the colon in ${:event-log})
  • However, before running buildout, I recommend making a copy of parts/<yourinstancename>/etc/zope.conf, and compare. In my case, buildout also sets max-size and old-files inside the <logfile> stanza, so if you define a custom <logfile>, you'll have to add them manually in the definition.
  • Initially, I had a bit of trouble finding the right DSN. Turns out it's in
  • Bonus: if you are logged in to, and go to, the code samples already contain your (obfuscated) DSN. Neat!
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