How to use ploneorg.theme?

The theme is clean, and I'd like to use it...

I installed

The little unicorn tells me the ploneorg theme is installed (and active):

But the theme renders like that:

I tried to compile the theme:
$ cd ploneorg.theme/ploneorg/theme/theme
$ npm install
$ $ grunt build
Running "less:production" (less) task

FileError: '../../bower_components/plonetheme.barceloneta/plonetheme/barceloneta/theme/less/search.plone.less' wasn't found. Tried - bower_components/plonetheme.barceloneta/plonetheme/barceloneta/theme/less/search.plone.less,bower_components/plonetheme.barceloneta/plonetheme/barceloneta/theme/less/search.plone.less,../../bower_components/plonetheme.barceloneta/plonetheme/barceloneta/theme/less/search.plone.less in less/custom_barceloneta/barceloneta.less on line 86, column 1:
85 @import "@{base-path}/discussion.plone.less";
86 @import "@{base-path}/search.plone.less";

How to fix that?


Answering to myself; all I had to do was to read the documentation:

./node_modules/bower/bin/bower install --save
node_modules/bower/bin/bower update
grunt build