How to update @mister-roboto link to Plone contributor agreement?

Note to moderators: Apologies if this is not the right place for this issue, but it was not clear to me who maintains @mister-roboto on GitHub. Please move this topic to wherever it should be.

In the Plone GitHub organization, all repos use @mister-roboto to helpfully remind new contributors to sign the Plone Contributor Agreement. However its message has a couple of issues.

  1. It links to a page that is in the host name.
  2. The link uses http.
  3. The page is a wall of text where it is easy to miss what action is necessary. We have a new page that has better formatting and makes it clear what to do.

Existing Message

@plone_newbie you need to sign the Plone Contributor Agreement in order to merge this pull request.

Learn about the Plone Contributor Agreement:

Proposed Message

@plone_newbie you must sign the Plone Contributor Agreement before we can merge this pull request.

Sign the Plone Contributor Agreement, and learn more about it:

See Fixed development environment setup commands by ktsrivastava29 · Pull Request #3142 · plone/volto · GitHub

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