How to uninstall Mosaic from Plone 5.1?

Continuing the discussion from Collective.cover finally gains support for Plone 5.1:

I have some bad news for people wanting to give a try to collective.cover 2.0b1 on Plone 5.1 sites that have Mosaic installed: they don't coexist.

I opened a bug about the uninstall of Mosaic:

I just took a look and discovered that, neither, nor, have an uninstall profile.

I'm going to save the usual rant this time, but I want to ask the following:

how can add-ons like those are accepted in the core of Plone without having an uninstall profile?

seriously, we need to review our procedures and core developers need to be critical on their own work: abandon ship while leaving broken things behind speaks very bad and is not fun for the community; same people has to come over and over to fix the shit all the time.

have a nice weekend.

this pull request solves the removal of 1.0

after review and merge, it would be nice if someone can to port it to master branch.

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Because they are in the plone namespace does not mean they are part of current core. Where did you find that is part of Plone core?

In the latest distributons for Plone 5, they are pinned under ecosystem as a service for people who want to try out this packages, but they are not available for immediate install. (

I fully agree that they should have uninstall profiles for such well known and 'advertised as solutions' add'ons , but maybe there are technical difficulties with that, or just unfinished work.

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thanks for the clarification, Fred; you are right, I was really upset on Friday after discovering I couldn't install collective.cover on our customer site because Mosaic was enabled, and we have lost our deadline.

I was confused probably because I was vaguely remembering this:

I finished the uninstaller for Mosaic 1.0 over the weekend; I'm going to push a branch for review soon.

unfortunately, collective.cover and Mosaic don't coexist at the moment.

this pull request solves the removal of 1.0:

after review and merge, it would be nice if someone can to port it to master branch.

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I can confirm that it's possible to have Mosaic 1.0 and collective.cover 2.0b1 installed together under Plone 5.1.2; the problem, and fix, is described here:

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