How to track the performance of sites to identify potential bottlenecks? seems to be looking for information regarding Plone and a metrics API

She's a dear colleague of mine. I send on her behalf warm greetings to you, @tkimnguyen. :slight_smile: We are indeed interested in the topic of continuously tracking the performance of our sites to identify potential bottlenecks.

Maybe someone in the Plone community is already working with a good solution he or she would like to share?

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Thanks, @pgg!

I'll change the topic to reflect the question she had. Can she clarify what type of performance, and in which part of the stack, she is most interested in? I would start by using operating system packages to monitor the server(s)'s memory, CPU, disk operations, etc. Then, depending on the caching proxy and web server, there will be statistics you can pull from those. If you use a service like Clouflare, it will also provide traffic and other statistics. There are monitoring tools that can alert administrators if bad things start to happen.