How to start Zope as a service in windows?

Hi there!

My name is Riyaz J. Recently, we migrated from Zope4 to Zope5. Given that our primary environment is Windows OS, we are using pywin32 library to run our application as a service.

During our testing phase, we observed an anomaly: when we check the task manager to monitor the memory usage of each Zope node, we notice that each Python service appears to have multiple processes, which is unexpected. For better understanding, I have attached screenshots link illustrating this issue.

Initially, when Task Manager is opened, multiple child/sub processes are visible for each python service, which is abnormal. Also, in the screenshot you can see some python services doesn't have any child/sub process. Please check the screenshot from here:!Ag4KXTY4Z3uD5wg_Y6Su_6f5timW?e=vRwkvg

We see GoogleUpdater InternalService and Delivery Optimization under python service, which we are not at all using. This behavior is inconsistent, we see different process each time. sometimes we don't see any child/sub process at all. Please check the screenshot from here:!Ag4KXTY4Z3uD5wnInbJvsRpKPWFU?e=f9FDq2

However, when I close and reopen the Task manager, the processes appear as expected with no child/sub process. please ignore the highlighted PID in the screenshot as it is for internal reference. Please check the screenshot from here:!Ag4KXTY4Z3uD5wohaRYZMx7pZgt0?e=ZMdat6

NOTE: This behavior is observed on multiple Windows servers. Upon reopening Task Manager, the processes appear as expected.

Apart from this observation, we have not encountered any functional issues. Could you please provide recommendations on running a Zope5 application as a service on Windows, especially regarding this unusual process behavior? Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?