How to start contributing to plone for Gsoc'19

Hi guys, I am Asit. I am proficient in HTML and javascript and would like to contribute Plone as part of gsoc 2019. How do I get started ?

@asitkandpal Hi and welcome i think you should start contributing to plone documentation first , its a great process to get familiar with workflow

Welcome, @asitkandpal! Here are some suggestions:

Read through the info and suggestions at

It boils down to:

  • get familiar with Plone, using the or
  • use Plone to create a website, play with it
  • fix a few bugs or find some new bugs and fix them
  • or write some documentation, do some testing,
  • engage with the community in this forum
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@asitkandpal We do have a lot of activity in our Volto (Plone React) project and Pastanaga UI. You can see them in these repos and so you should try to get familiar with them, and with Plone itself. If you haven't already, please see for more hints (from 2018) on how to get started.