How to solve this bika.lims install error

I install bika.lims with Plone 4.3.11, and this error happend, my buildout.cfg file is here
Screenshot from 2018-01-18 18-10-36|690x387

And this is the error

err, should you not try to install senaite instead ?

(It would be nicer if you pasted the text of your buildout.cfg into the post, rather than screenshots)

Are you able to first get Plone installed without error?

Then, what is the change you make to buildout.cfg?

Also, have you considered asking for help from the Bika support channels?

OK, thank you .

yes, i can install the Plone without error, i add the bika.lims into eggs, and then this error happend

If you're starting out with bika.lims then definitely use senaite. I
suggest you clone senaite.lims and
follow these instructions

yeah,I have success with your suggestion, thank you