How to set an expiration date to user passwords?

I have a customer that wants to enforce periodic password changes on their site.

I stumbled upon collective.pwexpiry, but Plone 4.3 support was removed by mistake last year, and even as I tried to restore it, it seems not to be working at all (or at least I'm not understanding how to configure it).

what are you using on your sites to implement this feature? is there a working solution for this use case?

I found the issue: "something" was persisting on the ZODB from a previous installation; after completely removing the var directory I was able to test the feature on a previous versions compatible with Plone 4.3 (0.9.1) and is working as expected.

seems to me the package needs to remove the PAS plugins when uninstalled to avoid these kind of issues.

unfortunately I don't know how to handle that.

any hints?