How to search text using LIKE operator in Plone 5

Hello, I’m new here!

I have a problem searching Plone items; Plone 5.1.4

I have 2 pages with Title “document123” and “document 123”. When I search them by document number “123” only the second one with Title “document 123” appears.

There any chance to obtain a search like a SQL Query?
So if I search all content which contains keyword %text%, both pages appear.

Is there any chance to find both pages “document123” and “document 123” searching for “123”?

I’ve already found some products online which can allow to create search more customizable, but these like elasticsearch are too much to get to the result.

Any ideas are welcome!

Kind Regards


This functionality is not available with the default setup of Plone. You can use either use Solr or Elasticsearch or my (old) TextIndexNG3 (which will not run with Plone 5.2 and Python 3).

@Tommy the implementation that is used most is See also

Latest code of also appears working (on Plone 5.2 and Python 3).

Thanks to response, but I want try something less heavy. So I've tried to use querystring in Plone with Regex without any effort.

Someone have already use this method to create custom search by words?

As said: there is no support for a substring search in Plone with the default setup. Either you accept this fact or you go with a custom solution as mentioned. Writing a brute force string matching solution using regular expression is stupid - unless you have a small amount of data to be matched.

Querying is documented here: