How to run two docker container on the same port?

Hey everyone, As I am getting the error:
The backend is not responding, due to a server timeout or a connection problem of your device. Please check your connection and try again.

Thank you.

Some community members are saying that this error is raised because both frontend and backend are not running on the same port and they are not able to communicate.

So, can anyone suggest the possible solutions to solve this problem and also how to run two docker container on the same port?

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Can you share some more info like:-

How are you running them?
What ports it is showing for Backend and for the frontend?

So What I do is that I run the backend first and then in a new terminal instance I run the code for starting the frontend. and I have to do this only once as after that in the Docker Application in containers I have 2 containers one for Frontend and another one for the backend. So I do the same with them first run the backend and then the frontend