How to recreate all portal scripts in plone 4.3

Hi codwellers in plone,
I need to do some adaptations to a plone site we created 2001 (really! and using plone from the very beginning, and yes, it was in beta then ..)
Now my problem:
After changing some scripts in a theme (residing in the file-system) one of the still uses an old setting.
Neither in the file-system nor in plone (using find) revealed any existence of the wrong "words".
Now I remember, there was a "recompile all portal-scripts' url that could be used in such cases, but I do not remember how to do this.
Can anybody of you please give me a hint.

Check if you customized it TTW: http://localhost:8080/Plone/portal_skins/custom/manage_main

It is unlikely that this will help: (skin) Python scripts in the file system are automatically compiled when first accessed after a startup; the compilation result is not stored permanently (the script is recompiled after the next restart).

The recompile, you are speaking of affects Python scripts stored in the ZODB. Their compilation result is stored permanently but as soon as you change the source, it is invalidated. The recompile was necessary only when something internal changed (e.g. the permission/authorization system became stricter).

Hi Roel,
I checked that already..
I am rather sure, that the text in question (used as subject line in the contact form) exists anywhere.
At least not in the file-system..
It must be cached some place. But I can not find out where.

Maybe, below the portal_form_controller?

A wild guess: Could it be that the contact form has been overridden by ac PloneFormGen form (if so, there is a 'override' tab where you could set the subject)

Thanks for the answers,
I could not fix the issue yet, but since it is nothing grave I will not spend more time on it.
However I learned something in the process..

the plone community is really great !!
I am currently working mostly with other tools (odoo mostly) but their community support is SO MUCH weaker than the on of plone.