How to not show license fields when displaying PloneFormGen forms?

I am using both PloneFormGen and collective.contentlicensing on my site.

Forms are showing up with the License info since Forms are derived from ATFolder and ATFolder implements ILicenseable.

How do I not display the License info when displaying forms?


You could try filing an issue in the github repo and mention one of the committers but @macagua may know more

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Looking at maybe there is a way for you to indicate whether or not something is licensable

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In the configure.zcml, the product has:

<class class="Products.ATContentTypes.content.folder.ATFolder">


Which is causing the problem.

If I could say:

<class class="Products.PloneFormGen.content.form.FormFolder">

I will be all set!

Then take a look at z3c.unconfigure :wink:

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Thank you for an imperfect solution.

Not exactly what I am looking for (since I want to retain the Licensable nature of ATFolder), but this is certainly better than commenting out the code in the product,

@sureshv I think the use of z3c.unconfigure directives is a way in the right direction