How to migrate a plone 5.2.3 from python 2 to 3?

There are no add-ons installed in my plone 5.2.3 which upgraded through buildout on a Debian 10 with python 2.7. (By the way, buildout does not work in the mainland of China. I did it through vpn.)

I have two questions on migrating it from python 2 to python 3
1.Is the document Migrating Plone 5.2 to Python 3 unnecessary?
2. According to documents Migrate a ZODB from Python 2.7 to Python 3, I should run "./bin/instance". But what I have inside ./bin are client1 and client2. There is no [instance] section in my buildout.


If you are running a Plone installation without add-ons, a ZODB migration would be good enough.

If you see also a ./bin/zeoserver you probably installed the zeo setup. The ./bin/ comes from the section [name] in buildout.cfg, unless you defined the script name yourself in the buildout.

./bin/instance is a standalone setup.

How to do a ZODB migration in the zeo environment?

Not sure. In doubt run the migration in a standalone environment of your site.

What is blocked here? How can we improve?

It works as documented in Non-FileStorage configurations.

It is probably blocked there. There are websites that can check if urls are blocked, but I have never used them

I know that for example GitHub is blocked, making (some) things difficult.
Chinese ask for help on another forum I use ( Flutter), and they basically not paste code, so they take photos of the (PC) screen with their mobile phones and share those…

Update: they dont paste code because all 'paste sites' are locked