How to make dx based folderish content types browseable inside TinyMCE

We have several file system based dx folderish content types, which have INameFromFile, IDublinCore and IReferenceable behaviours enabled.

When i try to set an internal link in a document using the TinyMCE editor, the folderish dx content types do not show up to be browseable at all. Only the default 'Folder' content type is browseable.

Do i need another behaviour ?

It's a Plone 4.3.19 system.

Many thanks for your help!

Check the TinyMCE control panel (a panel in e site settings/overview control panel of Plone). You should be able to select 'folderish' content types on one of its tabs. This allow them to be browsable in the integration its link and image browser.

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Thank you ! Exactly what i needed. :slight_smile: