How to make an template edit view?

Hello Everyone,

Im looking for a possiblity to make a template edit view , until now I only found infos how to make an
template view for an browser view (-> eg. Mastering Plone Views).

What Im planing to do is to offer in a edit template a multiple selection of all Users on Plone (like python code should deliver a list of the user I guess), so that an Page of this template could be assigned to multiple User of Plone, and so later made an link on their personal pages to these assigned pages automatically. - if someone knows a better way - please tell me :slight_smile:

thanks for your help.



Not sure what you are exactly trying to do..but can write a browser view (which is in depth covered) and register the browser view for a particular content-type (class) or interface. You can hook the custom view into the Plone UI (toolbar in Plone 5.0 or the green bar in Plone 4) with a registration of the view inside the FTI (factory type information) (profiles/default/types/your-type.xml)....that's it basically.


Can you please describe the problem you need to solve, instead of your intended solution?

Sorry, I hope that makes it much clear:

Im looking for an documentation how to make a edit template, best with examples :slight_smile: , until now I only found an Documentation of how to make an view template.


An edit template for what exactly? For a content-type? For something other than a content-type?



selfmade content type - atm its an Bibtex (better more then one at the end) content type for our publicationslist.

As said: you got some pointers...writing a custom form registered as browser view, passing down the data upon the submit and processing the data inside the browser view class and manipulating the related content object is the way to go and documented in depth. For specific questions or problems, please as more specific.