How to load TinyMCE Plugin "template" in Plone 6 beta 1?

In Plone 5 and until 6 alpha4 the I had this in my profiles/default/registry.xml:

  <records interface="plone.base.interfaces.controlpanel.ITinyMCESchema" prefix="plone">    
    <value key="custom_plugins">

It loads the template plugin which is handy if one needs to insert more complex HTML in TinyMCE. The HTML snippets are stored in the theme folder.
Now in Plone 6 beta 1 it does not work anymore.

Whats the right way now to load the templates plugin?

In Plone 6 th template plugin is included in the plugins already. All you have to do is to enable it via checkbox in the control panel and define your list templates as usual.


Thanks. Now I have a different error. Then "Insert template" -> modal pops up, greyed out, spinner running and in browser console:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: e is undefined in plugin.js

I tested on - same effect.