How to integrate CSS in Plone 5 for non technical user?

I'm looking for a step-by-step instruction on how to integrate an CSS file into plone 5.
This instruction should be detailed enough for non-technical user.
Is this possible TTW or does one need access to the filesystem? If so the instruction should name the location of each needed file.

For example, what is to be done to integrate this CSS code in plone:

Any help or hint is appreciated, thanks.

A bit late in replying, I don't know if you are still here, I have not great magic to teach you unfortunately. The only way I know for integrating a CSS file in Plone directly TTW is to add it to the theme CSS file. It's a bit difficult with the default Plone 5 theme (Barceloneta) so I use a different theme that I installed in a classic way (buildout). Then if I want to fiddle with the styling I just add a few instructions at the end of the (compiled) file. It's monstrous but I do it. You could rename the css file for your theme and create a new file with the same name and import the renamed file if you want to do it in a (slightly) cleaner way.

I have also pointed at another method in a different thread: the ambidexterity way that could be used to setup something like your example.

That's all I know about 'non technical' ways of fiddling with CSS, if you can call using CSS 'non technical' (IMO it's harder than Python but your taste may be different of course)

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