How to install wv to index Word documents?

In the wv package is mentioned for indexing Word documents. The page shows some old download links, including to an area of sourceforge that looks even sketchier than sourceforge normally is (and the binary I downloaded isn't even the promised one! hmmm). Is there a CentOS or RedHat rpm available? My search-fu has failed me.

Here you can find the Fedora download link:


Extra info: wv is only necessary for 'old' Word .doc files I think. The current docx format (or how long is it since MS introduced it, 10+ years....?) is xml based and Products.OpenXML provides portaltransforms plugins for those.

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I’ve been trying out indexing on, where it successfully works with PDFs but not .docx. Is there a repo that indicates what is on that server? @pbauer

Wow, we need an addon here? Nobody ever added this transform + icons to core? Anybody up for a pull request?