How to install multipe Docker containers on one server

Hi, right now i have a single Docker container on my Linux VPS server. from here i have a "production" site and "test" site of plone 6 classic.

all was good until I installed a product on the test site that i shouldn't have. I thought i was being smart by having a test site. However, since they are spawned from the same Docker instance and same zope instance i destroyed both sites (sites won't start).

My thought now (after the horse is out of the barn) is to have two different containers (per How to Run Multiple Containers with Docker Compose) with one as a test cluster of sites and one as a production set.

Is this the right approach and is the link above the right way to proceed?

Is is the right approach, but I would rather use docker swarm (even single node) as it is the same as compose, but with resource control.

Next level then is to use Kubernetes, but this is another level and multiple times more complex than docker.

Thanks. I will either do Swarm or just have two separate servers.

off topic, looking at Consultation to fix a problem I created. :(

without asking for tech support from you, can you just let me know if it is generally possible to access a crashed site that won't start in Docker. the idea is to get inside and somehow undo the product i installed.