How to hide tools when using WebDav?

I've been thinking of using Plone as an intranet for a small company. It would be nice to be able to use WebDav for that.

But there's one major annoyance; browsing the site in WebDav also shows the CMF tools. I guess it's possible to just avoid the root view, but has anyone figured out a way to hide the tools in WebDav view? A monkeypatch (to remove the webdav base classes) lurking somewhere in git? Is there an issue for this somewhere in one of the trackers?

There is no way and no logic on the WebDAV layer about what to show and what to hide (except based on the security context of the logged in user). In particular the WebDAV layer knows nothing about Plone, CMF or its tools.
Better: create a folder as content root for your stuff (perhaps with collective.lineage) and expose the URL of the content to your editors instead of the Plone root itself.


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