How to hide external link icon

How can I hide the external link icon in Plone 5?

hmm, this was the second hit on duckduckgo with 'external link icon plone'

I knew you would answer this!
You are right and I know this already. But this only works with http links

But this does not work for external https links.

Take the CSS inspector of your brower and figure out the related CSS rule and overwrite it with your own CSS.

Thanks for the hint @zopyx

So the solution is:

/* disable icon for external http links */ {
display: none;

/* disable icon for external https links */ {
display: none;

In Plone 5.0.8, there is a setting that you can try to disable in:

Control Panel->Theme Settings->Advanced Settings->Theme Base

[ ] Mark special links
If enabled all external links will be marked with link type specific icons.

This might not work If you need external link to open in a new window

The icons are just decoration; they don't change the behaviour of the link