How to get deletions and workflow state changes in dashboard


Dashboard is a really nice tool to have a "morning view" of what happened the day before. Unfortunately objects deleted and workflow state changes are not displayed there.

I failed to find a way to change this behaviour.

Are we stuck with the "Undo" tab of the ZMI to get this change list ?

I know about content rules but I'd prefer to avoid them if I can find a way to pull the event list rather than having each and every change pushed to my mailbox.

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Deleted is deleted.

Deleted content can not report anymore about itself.


Could use something like this:

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Sure Andreas. Dead is dead too, but sometimes the dying creature yells. Shouldn't the family complain also ?

More seriously, I think I get your point, I was not aware of how it works internally. I thought there was some sort of listener that was advertised of the creation, edition, deletion, ... and was in charge of reporting those events.

Thanks anyway.


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Thanks Nathan. This looks interesting indeed.