How to fix setting after make build-backend if installed by cookiecutter-plone-starter

Installed plone6 by cookiecutter-plone-starter.

I need change some default settings in backend/instance/etc/zope.ini.

But the zope.ini file is always reset to its default configuration after running make build-backend.

the zope instance set up is built by another cookiecutter template: GitHub - plone/cookiecutter-zope-instance: It bakes configuration for Zope 5 . If you check the makefile in the backend you will that it gets called for the config target in the Makefile (which is likely a dependency of build-backend in your scaffold.

The instance.yaml file is used to generate the zope instance setup, if you want changes in the generate zope.ini to persist, study the cookiecutter-zope-instance docs and update your instance.yaml accordingly.

here an example from the project setup and the Makefile calling cookiecutter-zope-isnatnce, your scaffold might be a bit different (plone.or'gs was created and manually updated sincd 202).

Got it, thanks for your help.